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  1. Linda LeQuesne 7 years ago

    My friend and I were hiking on the Baden Powell trail last night and came across a mountain biker, Joe, who had found a bald eagle with a broken wing. Between the three of us, we called several animal rescue organizations but they were all closed as it was after 5:00. Finally, the SPCA pointed us in the direction of OWL who immediately sent two volunteers, Arnie and Dick, out to meet us. We stayed put until they arrived about 90 minutes later, with the help of another mountain biker (Cooper) who they came across and who knew the trail system. We all circled around the poor eagle until Arnie was able to gently catch it in his huge net. As darkness was settling in, we made our way back down Fromme Mountain and got to Arnie’s car after 9:00pm. He transferred the eagle to a large dog crate and said it would spend the night in his bathroom, and this morning he’d take it to OWL where they would assess and treat it. We are hopeful that “our” eagle will have a full recovery and that we can participate when it’s released back into the wild!

    I now have OWL’s phone number saved in my phone for future reference – it’s great to know that a service like this exists!

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