OWL is working with the Bald Eagle Tracking Alliance to track some of the Bald Eagles who have come through our care in order to study their movements and see how their survival is post release. The birds are outfitted with a solar powered backpack tracker that sends cell signals out and are picked up by nearby cell towers to pinpoint their locations. Sometimes the eagles will go offline if they are in an area with a lot of cloud or tree cover or the fly to a remote area without any cell towers. The trackers are custom fit to eacg individual eagle and are proven to not interfere with the eagles flight or livelihood.

Some of the Bald Eagles that have been successfully rehabilitated by OWL are:

(He was in care at OWL in 2009 as a baby and was released that year; he was recaptured in Surrey in 2018 by the Bald Eagle Tracking Alliance in Surrey and fitted with a tracker)

BETA04 “Loki”





TERF13 “Pixel”

TERF14 “Jpeg”

TERF 15 “Croydon Jr”



Click the link below to see where the Bald Eagles are at now.

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