Non-native animals damaging effect to wildlife

It’s no surprise that domestic cats are amazing little hunters. They are able to adapt to many environments, including their life now as our domestic friends. However, the impact they have on our native wildlife populations expose some shocking numbers.

In some estimates, cats in North America kill 10-30 billion wild animals per year. Studies have shown that house cats have a 2-10 times larger impact on wildlife than wild predators! This study did not include feral cats, so this number would be higher. The staggering number of bird deaths due to house cats may account for as much as 15% of the total bird population in America.

Letting your pet cat roam free is well known to be dangerous to them as well and they face many dangers. These include getting hit by cars, disease, predation, and animals getting stolen. It is much safer to have an indoor only cat if you are able to, but if not, we have some alternatives for you!

How You Can Help

If you would like to have some outdoor time for your cat, there are alternative ways for you to do so safely. One way is you can take your cat for a walk. Many cats can learn to accept harnesses and leashes and enjoy exploring close to home with their favourite human. There are many people who take their cats on many outdoor adventures.

Walking your cat not for you? Build a catio, or a cat patio. This is a perfect solution to the outdoor dilemma and it helps keep your cat and wildlife safe! Find plans here:


Learn more options here:

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