The majority of the raptors who come into care at OWL are there due to human caused injuries or issues. Listed below are some of the more common issues that are affecting the local raptor populations in the Lower Mainland and all over British Columbia.

Threats to Raptors


Every year, we continue to receive birds who have been electrocuted.


Many hanging objects, nets, and fishing/kite line left behind by people become a danger to raptors and other wildlife.

Habitat Loss

Habitat loss is a big concern to the many species of raptors we share the land with, but there are ways you can help.


Each year we receive many young and orphaned raptors who require help to grow up and return back to the wild.

Lead Poison

Eagles and Turkey Vultures are the most affected by lead shot. A piece of lead the size of a grain of rice is enough to kill a full sized eagle in 48-72 hours.

Rat Poison

Many raptors come into our care after ingesting rats or mice who have been poisoned. Poisons do affect more than their intended targets.

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