Entanglement is not only a threat for raptors, but for all wildlife.

Unfortunately, it can be a common occurrence for wildlife to become entangled in different materials discarded by humans or in purposely placed items. When an animal becomes entangled, it can be a death sentence. It can result in the animal starving to death or fatally wounding itself if not found in time or if it is found and the object removed, the animal may suffer permanent damage due to loss of circulation to a limb or serious tissue damage that they cannot heal from.

Two of the most common items that affect raptors that come into OWL due to entanglement are broken off or discarded fishing lines and barbed wire fencing. Some other forms of entanglement include wind chimes, sports nets such as for soccer and volleyball, fake Hallowe’en spiderwebs, fishing line or other netting placed over ponds and chicken yards, kite strings, safety nets at golf courses, and ribbons from released balloons.

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