Habitat loss is considered to be one of the leading factors affecting all species of wildlife.

Loss of nesting trees, marsh lands, barns, and human encroachment is making it difficult for wildlife to find successful areas to find food and raise their young. One way that OWL is helping with this issue is with our Barn Owl Box program. By providing access to nesting boxes in appropriate locations it can help maintain Barn Owl populations in the local area. We make nesting boxes available for a donation and encourage others to build their own with the diagram seen below. OWL also has a barn owl placement waiting list for young owls that have gone through our facility and are ready to be released to a suitable location so they may occupy their own territory.

For more information on our Barn Owl nesting box program in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley please feel free to contact us.

Barn Owl Box Diagram

Please feel free to use our diagram to make your own nest box.

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