Reference Books

• All About Owls By Jim Arnosky (children’s reference)
• DiscoveringOwls By Connie Troop
• Owls of the United States and Canada By Wayne Lynch
• Owls of the World By Heimo Mikkola
• Spotted Owls By Jarred Hobbs
• The Book of North American Owls By Helen R. Sattler
• The Great Gray Owl – On Silent Wings By Robert Taylor
• Welcome to the World of Owls By Diane Swanson (children’s reference)

• DK Eyewitness Books: Eagles and Birds of Prey By Jemima Parry-Jones
• Eagles & Birds of Prey By Eyewitness Books
• Eagles of North America By Candace Savage
• Eagles By Lucy Baker
• Flight of the Falcon By Michael Tennesen
• How Fast Can a Falcon Dive? By Peter Capainolo & Carol A. Butler
• Raptor! A Kid’s Guide to Birds of Prey By Christyna M. Laubach
• Raptors of North America By Noel and Helen Snyder

Children Books
• A Friend For Owls By Christel Kleitsch
• All About Owls By Jim Arnosky
• Good Luck Baby Owls By Giles Milton
• Lazy Ozzie By Michael Coleman
• Night Creatures By Scholastic
• Oddey the Owl By Linda Chiara
• Oola The Owl Who Lost Her Hoot By Make Believe Ideas
• Skydiver – Saving the Fastest Bird in the World By Celia Godkin
• The Owl Keeper By Christine Brodien-Jones
• The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark By Jill Tomlinson
• There’s An Owl In The Shower By Jean C. George
• Vulture View By April P. Sayre
• Wow Said The Owl By Tim Hopgood

Youth/Adult Books
• Year of the Barn Owl By Terry Riley
• Wesley The Owl By Stacey O’Brien

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