OWL is committed to educating the public on the conservation and importance of raptors

All proceeds from the education programs goes towards helping OWL continue to educate the public on the importance of raptors and what they can do to help and to help OWL provide the best possible care for the injured or orphaned raptors that come into the centre.

Covid-19 Protocols for In Class Presentations

For the health, safety, and comfort of our Educator as well as the staff and volunteers at the centre, we will be following the Covid-19 protocols laid out by each School District or the individual schools. We have also set out some of our own additional guidelines. As our Educator will be visiting many different schools and classrooms throughout the school year, we are trying to minimize contact and keep everyone safe.

Below are some of our requirements:

  • A minimum 6 foot distance from our Educator by the students, teachers, and anyone else in the school, especially during the presentations.
  • All students must be seated before our Educator enters the presentation area.
  • A larger presentation area is recommended if available.
  • For grades younger than Grade 4, we strongly recommend that the students wear masks during the presentation.
  • Our Educator is double vaccinated for Covid-19 and will be wearing a mask at all times.

We reserve the right to not deliver the program if COVID-19 safety protocols are not being followed.

Educational Programs and Presentations

In Class Education Programs

OWL offers in person presentations for schools (Preschool to University) and other venues, such as libraries, long-term care facilities, day cares, and work gatherings, all over the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, and beyond.

Visit OWL Education Program (Onsite at OWL)

Currently, OWL is not offering Education Programs onsite in our Schoolhouse. Please check back to see when we will be offering them again!

Virtual Education Programs

OWL’s Education Programs are now offered on an online platform. No matter where you are located, you can now have OWL virtually visit you! It is the same great program that we offer for in person presentations and is great for Schools and many other groups.

Special Events & Displays

OWL also attends many events and celebrations around the Lower Mainland throughout the year and are always extremely popular with adults, youth, and children.

OWL sets up a display at these events on weekends and holidays for approximately four hours. Items on display typically include:

  • OWL information sheets
  • Brochures
  • Colouring sheets for children
  • Information on what they can do to help raptors and other wildlife
  • Tangible feathers and/or talons—if appropriate for audience of event
  • Live raptors

If you are interested in having OWL attend your event with a display, there is a required honourarium of $180.00. Please contact us for more information.

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