Covid-19 Protocols for In Class Presentations

For the health, safety, and comfort of our Educator as well as the staff and volunteers at the centre, we will be following the Covid-19 protocols laid out by each School District or the individual schools. We have also set out some of our own additional guidelines. As our Educator will be visiting many different schools and classrooms throughout the school year, we are trying to minimize contact and keep everyone safe.

Below are some of our requirements:

  • A minimum 6 foot distance from our Educator by the students, teachers, and anyone else in the school, especially during the presentations.
  • All students must be seated before our Educator enters the presentation area.
  • A larger presentation area is recommended if available.
  • For grades younger than Grade 4, we strongly recommend that the students wear masks during the presentation.

We reserve the right to not deliver the program if COVID-19 safety protocols are not being followed.

OWL in the Classroom (OWL visits you)

The ‘OWL in the Classroom’ program is available Monday to Friday and can accommodate all grade levels, from Preschool to University. The ‘OWL in the Classroom’ program is 60 minutes long and is formatted to follow BC Curriculum Science Big Ideas and Content for each grade level. Teachers can also request other topics they wish to have covered during the program. Programs can be customized to the group we are visiting.

OWL’s programs aren’t just for Schools!

We visit many other groups, such as libraries, long-term care facilities, day camps, work gatherings, Scouts/Girl Guides, Regional Parks, and other venues.

Meet Live Raptors

The students have the opportunity to meet two live raptors during their classroom program. The Educator will bring 1 owl and 1 hawk/falcon/turkey vulture. As we are working with animals, we cannot guarantee which bird will be available on the day of the program, so we unfortunately don’t take special requests.

You can visit our Offsite Education Birds page to find out more about the raptors who may visit your classroom.

Visual & Audio Aids

Visual and audio aids are used to explain and show the following:

  • The function of the OWL Society
  • The basic biology and behaviour of raptors
  • Sizes and types of raptors
  • Dangers to raptors and other wildlife
  • What students can do to help raptors and other wildlife

Booking Details

We offer offsite classes Monday to Friday. For more information or to make a booking, please contact us Monday to Friday from 9am to 3:30pm.

We encourage teachers to speak with other teachers of their school so that they can book an entire day with OWL.  Setting aside a day of OWL programs also allows the teachers to share the kilometer fee, making the cost lower than if the programs were on separate days.

Program Fee

The program fee is charged per program and depends on how many classes will be joining that session. All prices include applicable GST.

One Class (Approx 30 students)
$150.00 + kilometer fee*

Additional Classes
$75.00 each

*The kilometer fee is $0.58/km round trip and applies to all offsite visits.

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