Owls for Tots

The Owls for Tots program is targeted to the 3-5 year age group. It is a very basic program that does not go into a lot of detail but rather is kept simple and direct. During the program the students will learn what makes a bird a bird, how owls are different from other birds, what species of owls are found in Southern BC, some of the dangers they face, and what the students can do to help.

There will be a short question and answer period at the end of the program.

Meet Live Raptors

The students will have the opportunity to meet a live owl during their classroom program. As we are working with animals, we cannot guarantee which bird will be available on the day of the program, so we unfortunately don’t take special requests.

You can visit our Offsite Education Birds page to find out more about the raptors who may visit your classroom (scroll down to the “Offsite Education Raptor Ambassadors” section).

Booking Details

The program is available Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. The program is 30 minutes in duration and the cost is $80 plus $0.61/kilometer fee, round trip from OWL.

To book a program please call our office at 604-946-3171 (option 2), 7 days a week (closed on holidays) from 9am-3:30pm. Maximum 20 students

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