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OWL’s Virtual Education Programs offer you and your group a chance to learn about the amazing species of raptors that call British Columbia home, about the dangers they face, and how you can help them and other wildlife through the use of animal artifacts and props. You also get the chance to meet some of OWL’s Raptor Ambassadors up close on camera! This interactive, unique opportunity can be viewed from wherever you may be around the world and can be viewed on multiple different devices, so your group doesn’t need to be all in the same location.

All proceeds from the education programs goes towards helping OWL continue to educate the public on the importance of raptors and what they can do to help and to help OWL provide the best possible care for the injured or orphaned raptors that come into the centre.

Educator Zac with Luna the Western Screech Owl


An internet connection and a device, such as a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Access to a conferencing software, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. We generally host the meeting and send you the link to join the day before the program unless otherwise desired. If you use a different conferencing software, please let us know and we can see what we can do to accommodate.

Types of Programs and Prices

All applicable taxes have been included in the prices listed for BC residents. For the rest of Canada, all applicable GST or HST will be applied per province. For programs outside of Canada, no taxes will be included and all prices are listed in Canadian Dollars.

$60 Program

20-minute Icebreaker

Meet one of OWL’s Raptor Ambassadors, learn about their species, and get a chance to ask questions with our Educator. A great option for families at home.

20-minute Owl Pellet Dissection

A short introduction on how to dissect an owl pellet. Our Educator will show you the general setup and what you might find in your pellets. No Raptor Ambassadors will be present. A great add-on to our longer programs that can booked for the same day or at a later date or can be done as a stand alone program before you and your group dissect your pellets.

$120 Program

40-minute program

Learn about OWL and the raptors that call British Columbia home. You will get the chance to meet one of OWL’s Raptor Ambassadors and a question period with our Educator.

40-minute Owl Pellet program

Learn about owl anatomy and how they form owl pellets with the help of one of our Barn Owl Ambassadors. Our Educator will then perform a demonstration on how to dissect a pellet to get your group started and host a Q&A session.

Please note: We will not be present while your class dissects the pellets

$150 Program

40-minute program

Learn about OWL and the raptors that call British Columbia home. You will get the chance to meet two of OWL’s Raptor Ambassadors and a question period with our Educator. More time will be focused on meeting the two Ambassadors and learning about their species.

To book, please choose the 40-minute option on our online scheduler and choose “Two Raptor Ambassador” add-on.

60-minute program

Learn about OWL and the raptors that call British Columbia home. You will get the chance to meet two of OWL’s Raptor Ambassadors and have a question period with our Educator.

BC Curriculum – OWL in the Classroom

If you are booking for a school, all programs will include the BC Curriculum Science Big Ideas and Content for each grade level.

We recommend no more than two classes per online session or approximately up to 60 students. This helps provide a more personal experience for the students and gives them more of a chance to interact and ask questions during the Q&A portion of the program. Home Learners are more than welcome to join.

Specific Program Topics

Looking for something specific? We can tailor the program to what you are looking for. Please let us know in the “Specific Topics” box when booking what particular topic you would like covered. We will do our best to create the program to accommodate your needs.

Some topics can include:

  • Food chains
  • Specific species, such as just owls or hawks
  • Flight adaptations between different raptor species
  • Greater explanation of human impact on raptors. Examples: Litter/garbage, lead or rat poisoning, habitat destruction.


We offer our Virtual Education Programs seven days a week typically between 9am and 4pm Pacific Standard Time with some evening availability. If you would like to book an earlier or later time or you don’t see your preferred time available, please email us at and we will help you out. Please also feel free to email us if you have any other questions about the programs we offer.

To start booking your program, please click the button below.


We require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your program. You can do this through your confirmation or reminder email or by emailing us at

Recording of Sessions

Please note, we do not allow the recording of any of our online sessions by our participants.

Owl Pellets

Owl pellets are also available for purchase if you wish to further compliment your education experience. They can be purchased ahead of time and mailed to you and you can dissect them before or after the Education Program. The pellet dissection will not be covered during the talk and would be done on your own time with the help of an information booklet provided virtually. The price is $2.99 per pellet or $19.99 for a bag of 10.

Please go to if you are interested in purchasing some.

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