We currently have four Bald Eagles in treatment for lead poisoning. As described in the video, chelation treatment can cost $500 for just one week worth of treatment, not including food and other medications. Full treatment to bring blood levels down to a safe level can take months of time in care.

These birds were found in different locations around the lower mainland and Fraser valley. The major cause of lead poisoning is from shot animals, gut piles, or bodies of vermin left behind that have particles of the soft metal left in them. It only takes a fragment the size of rice to poison or kill an eagle.

One other adult bald eagle has made it through treatment this year but is still in care regaining strength in a flight pen and another adult female has succumb to the deadly metal.

Here are some resources to check out for non-lead alternatives:


Please share to increase awareness and to promote use of non-lead ammunition and fishing weights.


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