Northern Goshawk (Male)

Date of Arrival: September 2015
Location Found: Cranbrook
Injury: Paralysis and broken right shoulder (coracoid/scapula)

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Northern Goshawk (Male)

Date of Arrival: October 2016
Location Found: Terrace
Injury: Found running on ground with a broken left wing near elbow. Was already calcified when he arrived.

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Rough-Legged Hawk (Female)

Date of Arrival: November 2006
Location Found: Cranbrook
Injury: Hit by a car causing broken right wing

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Red-Tailed Hawk (Female)

Date of Arrival: June 2006
Location Found: Delta – Next to O.W.L.’s property
Injury: Hit by car causing broken right wing. Originally released in 2003 after going through our facility.

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