Winston Churchowl
Great Grey Owl (Male)

Date of Arrival: May 2015
Location Found: Smithers
Injury: Broken left wing

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Barred Owl (Female)

Date of Arrival: January 2005
Location Found: Island Wildlife on Vancouver Island
Injury: Broken left wing near wrist

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Barred Owl (Male)

Date of Arrival: November 1990
Location Found: West Vancouver
Injury: Flew into high rise building window causing head trauma and tendon damage in neck

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Barred Owl (Male)

Date of Arrival: May 2008
Location Found: WildArc on Vancouver Island
Injury: Trauma to right wing which has caused feathers not to grow properly

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Great Horned Owl (Male)

Date of Arrival: August 1984
Location Found: Richmond
Injury: Electrocution causing damage to right wing

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Great Horned Owl (Female)

Date of Arrival: August 1999
Location Found: Prince George
Injury: Possibly caught in a snap trap. Found with a broken right wing and missing talons on left foot.

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Snowy Owl (Female)

Date of Arrival: January 2007
Location Found: Delta – Boundary Bay Airport
Injury: Hit by plane causing a broken right wing

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Long-Eared Owl (Male)

Date of Arrival: 2018
Location Found: Cranbrook
Injury: Hanging from logging chain resulting in a broken right humerus

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Barn Owl (Female)

Date of Arrival: June 2007
Location Found: Northwest Raptors in Duncan
Injury: Captive bred and imprinted

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