Eagles of Hornby Island


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The Eagles of Hornby Island begins in 1989 when the eagles first built their nest behind the author’s house. The author’s early observations of eagles nesting on his property led to the installation of a video camera on the nest. Seventeen years later, in 2006, the eagles appeared on the world’s first live wildlife webcam where they provided a direct eagles-in-the-wild experience to millions around the world. To the disappointment of many, the eagles’ eggs failed to hatch that year but, all in all, their lifetime record has been good, 15 eaglets fledged in the seventeen years. The following year (not on camera) they fledged two more eaglets ‘Thunder’ and ‘Lightning’. The author writes about all aspects of the eagles’ lives, including nest building, mating, care of young, migration, and the relationships between eagles and osprey, herons, vultures, geese and crows,. He discusses the importance of the millions of spawned out salmon carcasses each fall, essential to the eagles’ survival through the winter, the massive herring runs each spring that kick start the breeding season, followed by the lesser-known Midshipmen, found in tidal pools all summer long, baby food for the new chicks. Vividly written and enhanced with personal anecdotes, charts and colour photos throughout, The Eagles of Hornby Island is that rare book that is both educational and a pleasure to read.

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