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These Spirit Stones were made as little reminders to stay connected and keep thriving each day. Keep a spirit stone in your pocket to help gently remind you of your needs, wants, and dreams.

Sodalite is a semi-precious stone that represents insight, clarity and intuition while the etched eagle represents balance, strength, vision, honour, and courage.

Howlite is a semi-precious stone that represents tranquility and peace while the etched owl teaches us to use our intuitive nature by sharing an ancient wisdom that connects us to one another.

Green Aventurine is a semi-precious stone that represents confidence and prosperity while the etched leaves symbolize growth and new life and connect us to the supernatural world.

Amethyst is a semi-precious stone that is said to be balancing and calming while the etched eagle feathers are gifts of honour.

Native Northwest products are guided by the following principles:

  • 100% of the art featured on Native Northwest products is designed by Indigenous artists
  • All artists have provided consent and contractual permission for their art to be featured on Native Northwest products
  • Artist n ames are acknowledged on all product packaging
  • Cultural traditions are honoured by acknowledging cultural affiliation on product packaging
  • Artists are paid fairly in fees and royalties

Made by Native Northwest in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Additional information

Weight .045 kg

Amethyst Eagle Feathers by Corey Bulpitt, Green Aventurine Eco Spirit by Dylan Thomas, Howlite Spirit Owl by Maynard Johnny Jr., Rose Quartz Hummingbird Heart by Gordon White, Sodalite Spoqes (Eagle) by Terry Horne


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